5 Muscle-Building Mistakes To Avoid

MISTAKE #1. You Think You’re Eating Enough

Most fitness enthusiasts talk about how much they eat since they started to workout. And that`s not necessarily a bad thing ! But you know what ? If you still can’t get extra weight then that means that you`re just not eating enough.

You’re eating exactly the same as someone else but you can’t see their results ? Well guess what ! People have different metabolisms. You might be one of those guys having a metabolism similar to a bird on meth, and that`s nothing to worry about. All you have to do to overcome this crazy metabolism of yours, is to eat more than now.

So did you ever keep track of how much you’re eating on a daily basis ? And we’re not talking about counting all of the calories you get, just general information about the food you consume on a daily basis. As soon as you figure out how much you eat daily, just eat more. But don`t forget to eat healthy !

MISTAKE #2. YOU Don’t Stick To One Workout Program

Have you ever heard the phrase”keep your body guessing” ? That’s not usually a bad thing. Routine isn’t the best for gaining muscle. But some guys just take this phrase to an absurd level. new-training-programSome programs need a couple of months to give the results you’re looking for. People that get noticeable results will follow two very important rules:

  • Pick a program with great reviews, that’s made for you and your capabilities
  • Don’t move to another program for at least two months

Many people will get no resultsjust because they’re too impatient to stick to any program or routine. That’s usually very bad for your body, making you lose everything you gained.


crazybulkorderbannerYou focus too much on reading and learning about workouts, but you miss your training sessions or you don`t eat healthy food. Or even worse, reading conflicting articles makes you not workout at all or try many training programs for short periods of times.

Just because you have read a lot of guides and think you know a lot about training, doesn`t mean you’ll miraculously gain muscle. After all your reading, with no training, you’ll still be the same.

This is what some professionals call analysis paralysis. And this happens when you read so much about fitness that you forget to take action and do whatever the articles sugest. There is an easy way to prevent this from happening.


You can`t reach your goals at gym if you don`t measure your progress constantly.

track your progressIf you expect great results, always measure things like:

  • How much you eat on a daily basis
  • How much weight do you lift, on each exercise

Don`t get too caught up with measuring each and every part of your training, but you should at least keep track of the two above. Althought you’ll understand more about your progress by keeping track of everything, don`t overwhelm yourself with information.

You can`t know if you added weight on your chest without adding it for other exercises, if you don`t keep track.

Also, keeping an eye on stats like what you eat and how much you lift will slowly take you to the workout program that works best for your body.

MISTAKE #5. You Don’t Have Social Support Or a Mentor

You can’t expect to start something and already be a pro on it. Even if you read and learn alone, you always need someone to help you with experience, to show you tricks, to give you tips and sometimes to stop you from overdoing everything. You can only become a professional at most things if you work with a professional. And physical training is no exception.

We’re not saying that you won’t be able to learn everything yourself. You just have to understand that getting professional help will save you weeks, if not months of frustration and reading.

habit-design-how-i-learned-to-workoutMentors or experienced training partners can help you to:

  • push yourself on hard exercises
  • go to the gym consistently
  • learn what works and what doesn’t in terms of trainings
Plus you’ll have a great time working out with someone instead of going to the gym alone.


Although you just learned how to fix most of the problems you’ll face during your workouts, don`t try to fix all of them at the same time. You’ll probably fail and get frustrated. You can’t change the entire way you train all at once.

If you don’t want to overload yourself, pick any of the solutions we gave you and give it a try for two weeks straight. After that, add another solution to your training, and do so for all of them, with two weeks before adding any new ones.

    • Eat More But Healthy. Healthy Smoothies Always Help.
    • Don’t Go Through Just Half a Program, Stick To It For At Least 2 Months
    • Go On A Training Week, Stop Reading And Take Action
    • Track Any Changes in a Workout Journal
    • Find a Training Partner or Mentor To Help You
These solutions will push you ahead of over 90% of the guys going to the gym.
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